154 Medical Drive
Carmel, IN 46032

For over ten years, Dance Class Studio has been the exclusive dance educator for the community of Carmel by providing quality dance classes which are held at the beautiful Monon Community Center. All classes are held in state of the art dance studios with closed circuit TV monitor systems so parents can view class without being in the dance room.

Our classes have been developed especially for the Carmel Clay Parks & Recreation program as a wonderful introduction to dance for children as many are trying new activities and may not be ready to commit to a full studio program. The sessions at the MCC are generally 8-12 weeks, depending on the session and calendar. Some classes even have the opportunity to participate in a costumed recital.

Many students return for several sessions as we prepare them to advance to the next level of dance. When parents are interested in that progression, our talented dance instructors are always happy to help direct you to the proper class (es) at the Dance Class Studio.

The following classes are available (but not limited to):


Terrific Tappers: This is the class all preschool dancers should take first! This class is most helpful for children with large motor skills, counting skills, balance, working right and left sides, upper and lower sides of body, and it is all done with fun music and while wearing TAP SHOES! 30 minute class

Beautiful Ballerinas: Always a favorite so sign up quickly. This class combines creative movement, stretching, and basic ballet appropriate for the age and skill level of the class. 30 minute class

Petite Dancers: This class combines both of the above into one fun 45 minute class!

Hippity Hop: Super fun, fast moving class that introduces movement, rhythm, music, flexibility and of course dance! 30 minutes of action!

6-10 age group:

Combo Class: This is a class that covers tap, jazz and ballet for the older dancer that didn’t start dancing until a little later. It is hard to find classes for this age group without being put with younger kids so this is the perfect class!

Cheer dance: A fun pom class style class that includes chants and cheers and dance moves.

Hip Hop Jazz: Get ready to turn up the beat for this high-energy class! Come learn basic steps to various types of old school hip hop beats and dance to the most popular kid-friendly pop songs.


Tap: Always a favorite and many times has first time tappers. Lots of adults who tapped as kids dust off shoes and have a great time. Everyone leaves this class smiling! We now have an experienced adult tap class at Dance Class Studio that began at the MCC Tuesday mornings 12:00-12:45.


Registration is directly through Carmel Clay Parks & Recreation. Dance Class Studio provides all teachers and the syllabus for all classes.
Visit the carmelclayparks.com website to register, and click the Program Registration button.