154 Medical Drive
Carmel, IN 46032

Registration/Recital Fee (Non-Refundable) 
Contact for pricing info

Option #1 Monthly Payments*

30 minute class – $42.00*
45 minute class – $49.00*
60 minute class – $59.00*
75 minute class – $63.00*

*To be eligible for monthly payments, the following payments are required at time of registration:
Registration Fee, first and last month tuition which will be applied to August and June.

Option #2 Two Equal Payments (SAVE 5%)

30 minute class – $200.00 due in Aug. and Jan.
45 minute class – $234.00 due in Aug. and Jan.
60 minute class – $280.00 due in Aug. and Jan.
75 minute class – $299.00 due in Aug. and Jan.

Costume Fee

$75 per costume (plus tights)
Adult and XLC sizes may be higher
Costume fees are non-refundable.
Due in December

Costumes are selected by the studio owner and the class teacher especially to fit each class and it’s specific choreography that will be performed in the spring recital. Parents will be shown a picture of that costume at the time they are ordered and parents have the final approval of the size ordered for their child. At that time, costumes must be paid for in full so it may be ordered.